Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ohio State Senator proposes tougher mandates on men's reproductive health

Ohio lawmaker, State Senator Nina Turner (D), makes a stand for equality in how we regulate reproductive health.

While I reserve my opinion on the "Heartbeat Bill", I do have to say that as a 30-something woman I applaud Ms. Turner for her creativity in exposing an injustice. Women's reproductive health has been tightly regulated all over the place since the beginning of time. In 2012, it seems absolutely ridiculous that in the US, a woman's reproductive health is regulated as it is.

Regulated? What? Yes, regulated.

  • If you have health insurance in the US, chances are that your health insurance does not pay for birth control pills, including when they are prescribed to treat a medical condition. 
  • Your insurance also does not cover reproductive services if you need medical assistance conceiving. 
  • In some US States, women need to have their husbands' permission to have their tubes tied.
  • Even if you have a medical condition that would make a pregnancy life-threatening, the newly proposed Heartbeat Bill in Ohio would have you jump through hoops to save your own life. Not only would you have to go through a life-wrenching decision once, but you would have to relive it to the satisfaction of the law.

It seems only fair that we as a society make sure that our men are taking good care of their reproductive health, doesn't it? Ironically, the majority of lawmakers currently attempting to impose new regulations in Ohio on women's reproductive health are at a ripe age to benefit from the newly proposed Viagra Bill.

Thank you State Senator Nina Turner for speaking up for women!