Monday, March 5, 2012

The free-spirited, the bizarre, the inexplicable things people do with their bodies

While researching an article on parkour, I came across a YouTube video for Jacek Malinowski. He's  not a traceur (someone who practices parkour). Malinowski is a man with almost freakish extreme flexibility.

His YouTube Video, depicting a side split on elevated blocks, is enough to make your stomach turn while gazing in admiration for the pain that he must have endured to train his body to bend in incredible ways.

After watching his Malinowski's video, I found myself bouncing around YouTube looking for the bizarre things people do with their bodies. My search brought me from a world-class contortionist called the Snake Woman to hidden footage of Shaolin martial artists training engaging in dangerous and painful training methods.

Some things that people do are just plain out there, while some things are really incredible, awe-inspiring displays of athletic prowess. I captured several of my favorites (including the videos) and included them in Beyond Unnatural: Things People Do With Their Bodies that Will Blow Your Mind.