Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Water bottle sale banned at the Grand Canyon

Only in America...Grand Canyon National Park bans the sale of water bottles, leaving hikers little choice when trying to quench their thirsts. What are your beverage options when visiting the Grand Canyon?

Option 1: Bring your own water bottle and fill at one of the refill stations located around the Park.

Option 2: Buy soda or another sugary beverage bottled by one of your favorite soda companies

Buy a soda? That's right! The ban only covers the sale of plastic water bottles, not the sale of soda bottles. Apparently, park directors did not consider that soda is sold in plastic bottles too?

Confused, amazed, outright incensed that we would make such a stupid regulation, I scoured the internet to find out why and what I found was interesting - a public memo written by the National Director of the federal branch of the National Park Service. The memo is full of all kinds of interesting tidbits, like the National Director discussing how this ban could be a public health danger for park visitors.

To catch more of this story, including quotes and opinions released by the NPS on this issue, check out this Infobarrel article: Grand Canyon Bans Plastic Water Bottles, Soda OK